Davenport Medium Wall Lantern, Copper Bronze

I’m curious about the color/finish. To me, it looks black, but the description says brass/copper. I haven’t been able to locate the item on any other site to compare stock images. Does anyone have these? What color are they in real life?

Our vendor describes this saying: There is just a very slight red tint in this finish, but it’s mostly a dark bronze.

I had to resort to a Google image search to find these elsewhere because they’re sold under different names. As far as I can tell, the primary branding is “Kenroy Home Sentinel 1” http://www.kenroyhome.com/pages/product_pages/92002CBRZ.html which you can find on many retailer sites. Overstock sells it as “Max 1 Light” by Design Craft. Of all the incarnations, Woot! does indeed have the best price with Amazon being the closest “competitor” at $46.