David Girard Vineyards White Rhones (5)

David Girard Vineyards White Rhones for Summer 5-Pack
$69.99 $122.00 43% off List Price
2011 Coda Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard
2011 Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard
2011 Viognier Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard
2012 Grenache Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard
2013 Rosé of Grenache, El Dorado Estate Vineyard
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These really do look interesting. Nice low AbV and pH; crisp blends I enjoy.
But as rpm mentioned keeping the powder dry for next week.

This is the kind of offering that I like to see - a good variety of stuff to sample instead of a whole bunch of the same thing, especially with the whites as we don’t drink too many of those.

If the winery will do the same deal direct for those like me in non-woot states then I’ll more than likely go for it.

Notes on the rose from this weekend.

Drank this over the weekend and enjoyed it with food and without. The is wine clear, sediment free, and is a nice deep pink color. I love big fruity roses and the color tips this off as in my wheelhouse.

Straight out of the fridge the nose is mellow but comes out more and more as the wine warmed. Notes are primarily of strawberry and raspberry, I also got a bit of lemon.

The wine tastes dry with no perceived sweetness. The body is medium, comparable to the body of a rhone white wine. The acidity is there but the wine does not come across as crisp, the malolactic fermentation gives the wine a rounded mouth feel. Very little tannins are present.

The palate continues the same notes as the nose but without the lemon. The strawberry and raspberry notes are strong and might be too much for lighter foods. I had it with Chinese and it went well. As it warmed it took a slightly sour finish that makes me think it’s better colder.

Overall the wine has a nice balance between fruit and the acidity. The fruit to my palate is not over ripe but just big. I would prefer it to be a bit crisper but I found it enjoyable regardless. This is definitely in the new world camp of wines.
Recommended at under $15.

2011 David Girard Roussanne Eldorado Estate Vineyard

I had an opportunity to sample a bottle of this wine w/SWMBO and a close friend. PnP, chilled. Light straw color in the glass.

Nose of baker’s yeast, lemon cream and citrus zest with some floral notes. SWMBO said it smelled buttery and picked up some green apple. Our friend said it smelled fruity, like white grapes.

Semi-viscous mouthfeel with medium acidity. Waxy lemon, crisp pear, banana bread and quince with white pepper on the finish. SWMBO tasted apricot, apple butter and green apple. Our friend tasted lemon cake and baking spices.

Overall, this was a well-balanced and enjoyable wine. All three of us liked it and we drained the bottle quickly, even though we all had different impressions of the nose and palate.

SHILL REPORT: I’m a fan of David Girard- solid wines; good QPR. Some nice summertime wines here…

For those of you posting about our wines, we are thrilled that your impressions are favorable! We are proud of the elegant, balanced Rhones we produce and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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Only The Shadow knows for sure.

Any shipping updates? I checked, and FedEx is just showing information about shipping information received on 08-05-14. Other than that, there is nothing. Has it actually gone out yet?

thx in advance.

Probably not. They have to send electronic info to FedEx to print the labels for shipping. Shipping wine is all about strategy so they can get the wine to you in the best condition possible.