David Noyes Russian River Pinot Noir - 3 Pack

David Noyes Russian River Pinot Noir - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 David Noyes Wines Russian River Pinot Noir 2008
1 David Noyes Wines Russian River Pinot Noir 2007
1 David Noyes Wines Russian River Pinot Noir 2006
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I got the clue two weeks in a row.
That’s gotta be worth something.

Perhaps some rattage for this weekend please!

Oh, and in for 1.

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Edit: And I am now recalling that Richard was given two bottles for last weekend.

So Richard we know you drank it on Thursday night, which vintage did you get get and what did you think?

confused… what clue? Is there a game going on?

How similar will each vintage in this vertical come across? I would expect some differences due to more than just variation in weather given the slight variance in the grape sourcing and cooperage.

I had to check in and see what mill’s latest purchase was.
I’m off to bed.

WD usually posts a clue for the Monday offering on Sunday afternoon.

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David Noyes was associate winemaker on the Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir.

David, What’s the price for the 2008?
Your site shows $32 a bottle for the 07’
and $20 a bottle for the 06’.

Edit: I also noticed that 06’ has been discounted and your estimate for bottle life is 5-10 years. Since we are 5 years in on the 06’ how much life do you feel its has left in it?

There are some variations in the vineyard sources…the 06 and 07 are more similar, the 08 comes from just two, and largely from a wonderfully managed vineyard, owned by a couple of retired academics. However they all do share a similar range of flavor…raspberry, ‘warm earth’ and some cinnamon spice. The 07 has a higher percentage of a Freestone vineyard that, when there’s any fruit, has great intensity, and I think, gives that wine the nod for complexity of the three…

I’ve not released the 08 yet, except via Woot, but it will be priced at $32/bottle. I should put it up on the site, though, I imagine, now that its been released here!

I think the 06 has good staying power, and can probably last another 3 years, possibly more, depending upon cellaring and personal preference.

Off to bed…I’ll catch up on the comments tomorrow!

Loved the D’ontspille. Would be in for the max and break my longstanding SIWBM, except for…

I’m going to be leaving in 2 weeks for a 2 week business trip. Any word on this shipping to arrive before Labor Day weekend? Either that or can it be held to arrive after the 19th? That’s the deal maker for me, and likely in for the max.

I see Nevada is well lit on the sales map… interesting. The wine is tempting me, PN being my varietal of choice… what will it take to push me off the fence?

It was a play on the name Noyes - No?yes!
No need for deletion. It’s my way of saying I fully endorse this offering.

Just a fingernail:

Or, is this more helpful?

I had a bottle of the David Noyes Russian River Pinot Noir with dinner at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, in Miami’s Design District. It’s an amazing farm to table restaurant and the Chef (and Owner) Michael Schwartz won the James Beard Award last year. With so much perfect food on the menu, this pinot noir was just the right addition. It went with a variety of menu items, from tomato/green bean/blue cheese salad to the chocolate cream desert.