David's Cookies Cookie Dough, 2 Boxes

David's Cookies Cookie Dough, 2 Boxes

0.43 oz? or 43 oz?

how many cookies per box or is this a giant cube of dough?


Marked in description, 48 per box

Not gonna be very big cookies at .43 oz/case. :face_with_monocle:



It’s 43 oz, not .43.


Thanks, I tried looking. maybe I read right over it. 'Preciate ya!

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Contains potassium sorbate and artificial flavor. I thought the food on Woot was supposed to be higher quality.

Where’s the Oatmeal raisin version?

Not sure I trust must stay frozen cookie dough to stay frozen, shipped from woot or otherwise. Just too many delays at the moment. From the website of David’s:

Standard shipping for this item is via UPS 2 day service at $4.95. Our daily cutoff is 10am EST so orders placed after 10am EST cannot ship the same day. Specific delivery dates can be chosen at time of checkout. To ensure freshness we do not ship this item over the weekend, therefore we cannot deliver on Sunday or Monday and Tuesdays require Expedited Shipping.

I really want to try these, though. I like me some cookies.

When I zoomed in on the photo, it says 2.7 pounds on each box. That’s $35 for 5.4 pounds of food…not a bad ratio! If these are even average for chocolate chip cookies it could be tempting. I could see just allocating a baking sheet to reuse with these over a period of a few weeks and just have fresh baked cookies all the time!

These will be good to have on hand when the grandkids visit!!!

Their 20lb box is available elsewhere for less than $70!

Order arrived on May 28th, shipping took 2 days. Opened the box, read the warning about bare hands and dry ice and found the cookies were at 60 F & 64 F and could easily stick a finger in them.

Similar experience here just now, no dry ice left in my shipment (must have evaporated?) and definitely no longer frozen.

Same here. No dry ice left and no longer frozen. I’ve contacted Woot to see what to do.

Got a reply (and refund) from Woot in less than 24 hours. Still waiting for a reply from the manufacturer, David’s Cookies - now at 9 days and running. Sorta shows who is customer orientated…!