David's Cookies Cookie Dough

David's Cookies Cookie Dough

If I’m looking at their webite, it shows the price of these cookies as $42.95, rather than the $47.95 you show. In addition they have a 15% discount code that can be applied, so you are only selling them for about $1.50 less. In addition they have $4.95 shipping. Woot used to be known for better deals than this.


So is it more here? If you are still saving money here, then it seems you ARE saving. Though you lost any savings the minute you made it a job to find the lowest price on…cookie dough. Of all the things to complain about, one fiddy seems a bit…something.

The per cookie price including shipping is lower at Woot! assuming we are talking about 2 packs of 48
Even with their 15% discount Woot! is still less expensive per cookie because standard shipping is included

The point is you don’t need to jump on this “deal” because you can buy these cookies direct from the company for about the same price whenever you decide.

Too true… I think I calculated the difference to be about .07 cents per cookie which falls into the “whatever” category of things. And besides, if I had 96 cookies at my beck and call that would not be a good thing

If I had 96 cookies at my beck and call I simply wouldn’t care about good and bad. I’d just be eating.


What kind of cookies?

I’m thinking a variety – peanut butter, chocolate chip, chocolate with chocolate chip, chocolate with white chocolate chip, snickerdoodles… so many possibilities.


…but are they good!?

Well was supposed to get chocolate chunk but gor oatmeal raison, which I hate. I need a refund.

Did you read the ;isting? It’s supposed to be chocolate chunk. I got oatmeal raison which I hate. Why do they do that? Placing rders with taht Wine Country thing is always iffy. They once sent me a wine barrel table that was just hrown in a box with no protection and it arrived in splinters. When will I learn?

Pretty sure they use software to do the listings while they’re on a coke-fueled bender. Also explains why goods are immediately marked as “preparing for shipment” but they sit that way for weeks.

I did receive the 414 btw.

Yep, ping support. We got you.

Some listing titles/descriptions are pulled direct from Amazon and the quality… varies… :slight_smile:
We try to manually catch the most egregious but yeah, sometimes you get a large AKG. Gourmet is all manual though. So we can’t blame our robot overlords for any errors there.

I read the listing.

@peaceetc was talking about different cookies though.

I did and they said the gourmet guru was out. WTF???

I was told the gourmet guru is out. WTF? So I have to store these cookies that I don’t want until he’s back?

The gourmet guru works exclusively with the gourmet team and can reach out to the WCC guys to see if there are replacements available. They’ll get back to you in the next day.