Davis Family Vineyards Red - 4 Pack

Davis Family Vineyards Red - 4 Pack
$94.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Davis Family Vineyards Horseshoe Bend, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
1 2008 Davis Family Vineyards Soul Patch Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
2 2006 Barn d’Or Cab/Syrah Blend

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wow!! what is the drinking window?

Any thoughts on how these 2008s compare to the previous 2007 offering that I just had?

Per their website the 2006 Barn D’Or Cab/Syrah Blend won DOUBLE GOLD - BEST OF CLASS at the 2010 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Awards and Gold medal winners were the 2008 Pinot Noir “Soul Patch” and 2008 Pinot Noir “Horseshoe Bend”. I own all these wines currently and sampled all of them this weekend at the winery - all great wines at a roughly 30% discount.

The moment we’ve been waiting for, no fishy business here folks!!!

Looks like it is about 30% off before shipping.

Any comments on how these Pinots compare to the Sonoma coast previously offered here? Also, what are the differences in Cali Pinots from 2007 to 2008?

Hm. No stats at all… So a couple questions to Mr Davis!
[]pH and TA?
]Cooperage - The blend mentions French Oak. What about the PNs? New/neutral and time in barrel?
[*]Alcohol - I assume that 14.1% takes advantage of the +/- 1% rule, given that all three wines have the same value. Why 14.1%?
I’d also echo the earlier comparison question vs the other Davis PN I have hanging out in my cellar :slight_smile:

At the 2011 SF Chronicle Wine Competition, the Horseshoe took Silver and the Soul Patch took Bronze. Didn’t find anything for the Barn D’Or even after going back a few years.

In my humble opinion they are both better than the Sonoma Coast offered previously. Personally I like the Horseshoe Bend a bit better than the Soul Patch, but I am splitting hairs…

Oh sad am I. I thought I purchased yesterday’s 4 pack of whites. I even changed the shipping address, but I guess I didn’t go all the way through. CURSES!! No more drinking before buying for me…

EDIT: Self incompetence burn. No reason to wait on this one, especially since hermosakarl says the Pinots are better than the Sonoma Coast one. In for a pack of reds.

As you just tried them, could you give us some notes on how they’re different / better? that would really help people!

Davis Family… as with all Sonoma vineyards in 2008, can you address how these wines, particularly the Pinot, may or may not have been affected by potential smoke taint?

[How good is this deal?](http://bit.ly/lj85Ct" title="How good is this deal?)

Numbers! Get yer numbers! Hot off the presses…

Click the link above for full discount details, links, etc.

Shoot. Was hoping for some cab. I heard it was killer. My cellar is overflowing in pinots right now…

One small adjustment to the numbers. You have the D’or listed as $30, but the Davis website lists $25.

anyone in the Cincinnati area want to split this offering?

I agree about the cab. But their pinots are great. I’d rather have the cab instead of the blend, which is nearing the end of its drinking window, according to CT.

Want but waiting for answer on smoke taint.

There seems to be a lack of participation on WW lately.

If you ever make it to Cleveland I would split it but hell if Im ever in CINN