Davis Family Vineyards Red - 4 Pack

Davis Family Vineyards Red - 4 Pack
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1 2008 Davis Family Vineyards Horseshoe Bend, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
1 2008 Davis Family Vineyards Soul Patch Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
2 2006 Barn d’Or Cab/Syrah Blend

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and I was the first sucker back in May


This looks yummy, but did they really name it Soul Patch?

any tasting notes you’d care to share?

Inside job = no props! :wink:

Where is the caramel? I bought it once and it was very yummy. I want more caramel!!

Bought 1 last time and in for 3 if that tells you anything. :wink:

I added reviews at the end of the last offer if anyone is interested.

of course! Guy’s actually peddling his wines in Texas tonight, so would love to answer anything I possible can since he’s literally on i-35 right now.

Notes from Guy on the Pinot’s:

2008 Horseshoe Bend Pinot Noir

The Horseshoe Bend Vineyard is a ridgetop vineyard out near the Pacific ocean, on the edge of the appellation, an even cooler location by temperature. The flavors are still so perfectly Pinot, but sitting above the famous Russian River Valley Fog each day and at a higher elevation makes for longer exposure to sunlight, giving this vintage a darker, more masculine expression.

2008 Soul Patch Pinot Noir

The Soul Patch Vineyard is a little Patch of vineyard in the Russian River Valley, planted 15 years ago by winemaker Jim Davis and nurtured daily. Every year, favorite barrels that had been put aside are now being bottled for a special combination from this block. The vines are now old enough that they have evolved as a special place; the steep, east-facing slope that basks in the morning sun but avoids the harsh afternoon sun makes for a very pretty, classy wine.

Disclaimer, I stink at describing wines, but here is my note on the Soul Patch,

Enjoyed immensely. Beautiful bright red with slight translucency. Amazingly balanced nose, cherry fruit, and bright, with a hint of oak. Bright on the initial sip, then silky smooth tannins finish to a beautiful, slightly sweet cherry(ish) finish. One review mentioned a honey like component, and I believe that is a good way to describe a unique part of the finish. Couldn’t wait to get home to finish off the bottle tonight. Wish I had more.

So now the wish comes true, and I am out another $101 smacks…

from Guy on the Barn D’Or

The 06 Barn D’Or (pronounced Barn Door, a play on D’Or meaning “golden” or “of gold” in French)is a blend of Cabernet from Bradford Mtn. and some of my Estate Syrah.

The wines are kept on their own for the first year and then I created blend and go back into barrel for an additional year to marry the flavors and then 18 months of bottle age before release to create a silky texture and make sure it is “Restaurant Ready” upon release.

I fell in love with this combination when I first connected to wines while putting myself through college working in the kitchen of a French Restaurant. The blends of Cab/Syrah from the South of France were some of my favorite wines.

As most of you know its the blend in Austarlia’s famed Pendfold’s Grange Hermitage - the Cabernet brings the classic framework and cassis while the Syrah delivers the wild, exotic side both in the blackberry fruit and the spice.

This wine won Double Gold and Best of Class at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for the class of Cabernet Blends (beating-out the field of classic Bordeaux combinations!).

I haven’t seen any notes about it needing to be consumed now but can tell you that although it is drinking great it will pay rewards to those with a cellar for many years to come - it is a serious wine, with a pedigree to match. As much fun to drink as it is for me to make!

OK, let me add my 4 cents since I sent my last post too late to help Lucas Meeker. Your old pal Jim Morris here and I am offering an unsolicited bit of love for Guy Davis and his winery.

Guy has been making really really really good wines for many years and when he finally opened his tasting room in Healdsburg, I was one of his first customers. I have enjoyed his Pinots for years and have many at home in my cellar. His cabs are also knockouts.

Three really really really big thumbs up for this deal. You really cant go wrong here.

Jim Morris
Shameless Plugger of Healdsburg Wines

and the Wine Enthusiast just gave it 91pts, so his inventory is not going to last long.

Damn it! I want to be good, but this sounds soooo tempting! I made it through Ty Caton, Praxis, and Medlock Ames! Woot, why you do me like that?

I’m buying all kinds of gifts today. Hope my parents enjoy this one!

thanks Jim, I’ve heard a few Wooters! visited his tasting room this summer, would love to hear about your time there if around tonight.

Fantastic way to end the Woot Off! The last hour…I haven’t showered in 2 days now, WD is a slave driver. TMI?

In for one, the reviews look good and I can’t resist.

I make that there’s about 40 of these in stock based on the number so far.

How did you get it for $101? I had to pay $102.

I can’t add, and $101.99 = 101 to me :slight_smile: