Davis Family Vineyards Russian River Valley Vertical Pinot Noir

Davis Family Vineyards Russian River Valley Vertical Pinot Noir
$89.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
1 2008 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
1 2009 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
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Bummer this vertical wasn’t a 2006-2008, as the one offered is pretty young.

Was waiting for this all day and its out of my price range. :frowning:

Oh Well!

Ahhh, I was gonna say that this is more expensive than the last PN I got from them (on WW), but this is RRV, not Sonoma Coast.

But 09 is a great vintage for RRV Pinot Noir.

Can’t speak for their reds, but their whites and Rose from earlier this year were fantastic!

Tasted all three of these at the winery a couple months ago with bawhm, ddeuddeg, tenuki, cagrl, et al. These are all excellent wines, and this is a good discount from their normal asking price. If you like Russian River Pinot, this set is for you. Style-wise, it’s not heavy handed or over-oaked or anything like that. This is old school style and quite an excellent version of it. If you’re looking for the heavily oaked, bombastic style, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for your $45/bottle RRV PN.

Why were you waiting for this all day? Is it this wine in particular or the vineyard?

This is really nice stuff from really nice people. It’s pricey, but worth it. Share it with a good friend!

For my tastes, I’d prefer Sonoma Coast. Less cola and more earth/mushroom.

For this offering I wish money grows on tree.

Yeah, read something about the 09 RRV being a phenomenal vintage.

Very nice people is an understatement! In addition to hanging out long after “closing time”, we asked about all sorts of things wine related and then got on to talking about West Coast Swing dancing.

My credit card is staying in my wallet after buying 2 cases so far this woot off…that is unless Corison, Ty Caton, or Kunde come up.

Seconded! Love Sonoma Coast, iffy on RRV especially if it has a Dr. Pepper tasting profile.

indeed! I’ve been close to Davis Family Vineyards since 2005 and can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed their Estate Pinot Noir on Thanksgiving Day going on 7 years now…super excited see other Wooter! enthusiasm for this special vertical!

They are a very small winery and Guy’s one of the most meticulous winemakers I know. One of my favorite wines “to gift” to favorite people in my life too. Enjoy this one folks!

Same here.

Or Scott Harvey but that’s it.

Oh! Or Twisted Oak but no others.

Wait! Add Kent Rasmussen to that list but it ends there.

Unless there’s a Woot Cellars offering… or something from Meeker… or… oh, Hell - BRING IT ON, WOOT!

I have to also agree. If this were a Sonoma coast vertical my decision might be different. Had the ‘08 RRV side by side with the 08’ SC and thought the SC was much better. Loved the 07 SC (still have 6 or so).

I believe these are $40 at the winery, so before shipping the discount only appears to be 25%. Pricey, but they make great pinot! At $20/bottle a steal, but $30/bottle make the competition a little steeper.

All of those would be tempting too…especially Meeker, I’ve been very happy with the wines I’ve bought from them and Lucas Meeker’s participation is always amazing.

Might add Wellington to my list too if the single vineyard Cabs or Victory come up.