Dawgs Boots: 9" Of Microfiber

Can’t they size these in terms of women and mens sizes?

agreed. I hate this “measure your foot” crap… I made the mistake of buying those combat-boot Shoes of Soul that worked that way. It did not work out well.

At least when I measure my foot, the size is closer to being accurate.

If they do it this way, your fault, better for their no returns policy.

I have a pair of these bought on Woot a couple of years ago–very similar at least, if not exactly the same model. I ordered a half size up from my regular size to allow for thick socks. I’d say the fit is a little roomier than expected even with heavy socks, but ok. If I were going to wear them with tights or thin socks I’d go with regular size or half a size down.

These boots are very comfy and warm as long as it’s dry. But they are not the slightest bit water-resistant. They are more like sponges. The snow needs to be brushed off before it melts. With this year’s extremely cold, dry weather I’ve gotten some use from them, but if it ever thaws they will be banished back to the indoors. For wearing around the house they are great, but limited usefulness for outside wear.

Has anyone ever heard of Scotch Guard water proofing? I keep wondering why everyone complains shoes aren’t water resistant.
You know they make it for fabrics too. Not just leather.
When I buy new furniture I have the upholstery treated. I don’t think I’m the only one.
What gives people?

I think when I buy a pair of boots they should be boots, that I can put on my feet and they keep my feet warm and dry. I should not have to do anything to them except put them on my feet and be happy.

These are featured today on nomorerack.com for $19.99 + $2.00 shipping and RETURNS ARE ALLOWED. That’s a big selling point for me.

Like UGGS, these are not waterproof - they are for cold weather.,

CAREFUL!** I ordered a similar boot and was sent CHILDREN SIZES. I sent an email and a message via the website, no reply. Make sure you check the boots when they arrive, someone is playing games. I don’t wear childrens sizes and I ordered WOMENS!

How many ounces of pumpkin-spiced latte can each boot hold?