Dawgs Fleece Footwear

Finally, shoes like this in my size (14/15), except my size is sold out.

Woot, how about some love for us big feet types?

Are the boots waterproof? Desperate for some comfy all-weather shoes to walk the dogs in.

Reading the first paragraph of the features, I don’t think so.

They aren’t waterproof. However, I got a pair of these last year on woot and sprayed them with waterproofing stuff from foot locker or finish line or some comperable store. They have held up beautifully and I also use them for dog walks and hikes. They’ve survived a New England winter so well I’m buying another pair!

Do they fit your normal shoe size or did you have to buy a different size? I wear orthotics and I’m curious if I should buy the next size up.

Lots of reviews and a bit more info here: http://www.shoebuy.com/dawgs-9-microfiber-sheepdawgs/282344

They suggest buying a 1/2 size up.

I get the next size up mostly because I still like thick winter socks…I definitely suggest a size up with orthotics. They do break in with wear but not that much.