Dawgs Footwear for Golfers

I’m a 9.5, how do I buy when they only come in full sizes?

I’d recommend doing an Internet search for the specific shoe you’re looking at to see if there’s any sizing info on another site. Many sites have information pertaining to whether or not a shoe fits true to size or if it runs big or small. Also consider the thickness of the socks you usually wear when you golf.

I hope this helps!

Thanks but in all honesty, that’s too much work. If they want to sell shoes, sizing a is a minimum amount of information to be offering.

Here is a link to a thorough review. http://www.dawgsgolf.com/Dawgs-Golf-News-Dawgs-Golf-Shoes-Review-July-2010.html

If you can’t take the time to read the review here is a quote that might help: They seem to run a half size small, so for example if you normally wear a 10.5, make sure you get into a size 11.

Dawgs? Looks like golf crocks. These and a pair of sweat pants will insure everyone knows you gave up as an adult and let the neighbor kid dress you.

The missus got a pair last time they were offered on woot…and surprisingly, she loves them. Some of her fellow golfing gals saw hers and now they wear them. She ordered a couple more pairs on this go around. They’re not her primary golf shoes (good gosh, I wonder how pairs she has?), but she says they’re comfortable, they’re fun, and they give her a good solid grip to the ground.

Shoebuy says the women’s Golf Spirits are true to size and width…