Dawgs Toning Footwear - His or Hers

Yo Dawg, these are even uglier than Crocs.

I don’t suppose these have been endorsed by Randy Jackson.

They’re pretty cute, but dude, that whole “these shoes tone you up while you walk” thing was found to be false. Class action lawsuit and all.

Wow these things are ugly. They look like senior citizen footwear, Velcro straps & everything.

What material are they?

Yeah… yeah no. No. No thanks.

Too bad they didn’t answer the balance question, as a frequent ankle strainer I obviously need to improve my balance.

Just what everyone needs. More fugly plastic footwear. Or should that be footware?

Another reason I just don’t wear shoes at all. Ever. Really.


my ultra lite toners came today. keep in mind unlike most shoes your whole foot is not on the ground at the same time. i felt off balance when I had them on.
i’ll wear them to work see how they do tonight.

and I have for sale one pair of mens ultra lite toners. worn once. $5.