Dawn of Music

Rainbow Warrior? Not.

HAH! That’s funny!

Kubrik was wrong. Violence was caused by a lack of xylophones and other instruments beginning with the letter ‘X.’

I’d so buy this shirt if it were on AA. The few Anvil shirts I’ve bought have shrunk, even on low heat. Sorry naolito. It’s a great shirt, but I want it so I can wear it for years to come like my AA shirts.

Looks like some kind of monkey business to me.

Very cute shirt. I just hope the Creationists don’t get too upset about this . . .

K-pop did this first:

I can’t believe no one went APE over this shirt!

Woot!'s gone APE SHIrT!!!

Kubrick thought the big black rock gave the natives the ability to reason, and THEN they went ape and starting throwing things at each other.

Whoa. A Woot shirt that has nothing to do with Doctor Who? I didn’t know that was allowed anymore.

Such a well executed design, Naolito. I can almost hear the Strauss being hammered out on the xylophone.

Argh! If the 8th note were the same color as the 1st, the 9th the same as the 2nd and so on, I’d be all over this like hair on…well, you know. The octaves are kinda important here. It’s a great shirt, though - that octave thing is just a killer for me.

I will be wearing this shirt to any future percussion recital I give (:slight_smile: )

Well, this was obviously before Pythagoras’ musical tuning introducing the diatonic scale!

**Those !@#$ dirty apes and their non standard intervalic ratios!

My god… it’s full of music…

LOVE this one- so much-

You know, Also sprach Zarathustra would be pretty easy to play on a xylophone…

Dawn of Kanye !

There’s the reason why they call it playing ‘dem bones’.