Daylight Savings Time Changes for Microsoft Operating Systems



The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by the U.S. Congress July, 2005, extended Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. by approximately four weeks. As a result, beginning in 2007, DST will start three weeks earlier on March 11, 2007, and end one week later on November 4, 2007, resulting in a new DST period that is four weeks longer than previously observed.

Unless certain updates are applied to your computer, it is possible that the time zone settings for your computer’s system clock may be incorrect during this four week period. This depends on where you live and which time zone you have selected. To see the time zone settings on your computer, follow these directions.

When your time zone settings are incorrect your clock may be off by one hour, and certain applications running on your Windows based computer may not display the correct time. To address this, Microsoft is providing many free updates and tools that will update your system automatically.


Automatic update turned on: Microsoft was to send a daylight-saving patch Tuesday. Depending on how often your computer checks for updates, you should see the usual warning in your tray that there are updates in the next few days.

Automatic update turned off: Download the patch from Microsoft.

Windows Vista: Immune from the bug, because Vista was finalized after the 2005 law passed.

Older-than-late-version Windows XP: Go into the control panel and unclick the setting that automatically changes the clock for daylight-saving time. Make the change March 11.

Microsoft Outlook or other desktop-based calendar programs (rather than dynamic, Web-based programs such as Google Calendar): Patches are available, but appointments entered before a patch was applied might still be off by an hour. Microsoft advises heavy calendar users to download a small program known as “tzmove” – Time Zone Move – that can retrofit all previously booked appointments to the new daylight-saving rules. Other vendors offer similar tools for their systems.

More Information for Home Users

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