Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90



At the risk of being a cardist (you know, a time-cist but against cards) if you want a cheap video input, for a webcam even, this is a heckuva deal, but if you want to watch TV or even build a PVR I would avoid anything USB, or at least choose something with onboard MPEG2 compression so the CPU isn’t working so hard.


Back up, sweet. No Mpeg4. will it convert to itunes?


Thanks for the night off woot! And thank you to all of those who filled in for me as well!

Froogle Link $63.68 Minimum

Yahoo! Shopping Link $45.12 Minimum

Shopzilla Link $69.99 Minimum

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 2/5 Stars

Manufacturer Page $79.99 Direct


Price looks good…cheapest I see if $43.99 plus shipping

Circuit city rates as 4.5/5


Linux support for this? Looks like it pitches the software more than the hardware.


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Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Dazzle DVC90 Digital Video Creator 90




OK, I need to import old VHS into my 12" 1.33 gHz PowerBook. Will this work?


I know someone’s gonna forget it… so here’s the BizRate LInk… $70 lowest.

This price is awesome. Too bad i don’t know what this thing does. Newegg has it for $69.99 and you can get no payments for 90 days if you buy more stuff.


Is everyone speechless on this one?


Does this work with Mac?


I see lots of complaints in this forum:

I’m wanting to get a video capture device but I think I’ll pass on this one based on that thread and a number of others in various forums I’ve seen. Also the reviews on CNet and the like are not great for this. May work in a pinch and if you are on a budget, but don’t expect much IMO.


Hmm, doesn’t appear to be Apple compatible.


SecretPrices has the Woot deal up and appears to be at least $30 cheaper than all the other merchants.

Mixed reviews as well.


Does anyone know if you can use this to watch TV on your computer? I am not too concerned with the negative reviews I have seen for this device, being it seems to be all software related, and my laptop could handle it no problem. However, being I am on a laptop that runs hot, I do not want to have to run the program if I do not have to. If I can watch live video with this without using that resource hog of a program, then I will definately be in for one.



No macs:

Windows® XP, Service Pack 1 (SP1) as listed on the manufactures page


I think I’ll stick with my Mini DV camcorder with firewire connectivity…Just save up around 40 gigs of hard drive space and BOOM!!! you’ve got yourself a high quality DVD right there!!!


Go to Amazon and check the reviews…this could be a complicated device…


Does this work on a mac? Somebody find that out quickly so I can go to bed, snap to it. snap snap…your not snapping. That is it I am outta here, if you need me I will be in my trailer going over lines. Thank you I will be excepting my oscar sometime next week.