Dazzle DVD Recorder

ha ha its back

I love my s-video! :smiley:
Buy three!

nobody yet whos our first buyer?

Did you just buy 3 Digital Living Systems?



Do we seriously need 800 people replicating the information about the product?

i think that blu ray burner sold out faster than the usb fish tank…
god answering prayers?

refurbished = somebody’s already had problems with it

Time left (BETA): 107mins 10secs

welp, time for a shower

Can I play something from my computer back on the TV with this?
I’ve been looking for a cheap way to play on demand Netflix on my TV

looks like they have a bunch of them, too

buy buy buy (though i’m not going to, so i can’t really implore you…)

edit: well thats all she wrote for me, i’m off to rugby, and i do really hope this still isn’t up when i get back at 10 ET…

Goodbye woot-off…you had a good run. But all good things must come to an end :-\

How funny would it be if they didn’t sell the item that everyone wanted this woot-off?

Ya, it will.

Where are the webcams?? I need a webcam!!


Got this last time they had it. It sounded like a cool thing to have…but I have yet to use it >.<

I want 3!

Don’t get this.
I bought one last time and when it arrived, there was no DVD recorder.
Just what you see in the picture.

Okay, TOTALLY STUPID name aside, it works surprisingly well.
I thought, there’s no way this is going to pass through video without dropping frames, but it does the job for consumer use. So…