Dazzle DVD Recorder

Don’t you mean…REFURBISHING it?

Too Much Windows-only Refurb Crapola.
This thing was replaced by handbrake long ago, was it not?


Woot needs to start redoing the upper end of their statistics…since nearly 1/2 of the products are purchased by people who have been on Woot for over a year and have purchased more than 25 things…

So maybe a 12-18mo., 18mo.-2yrs, 2yrs+??
And 25-40 items, 40-80, 80-100, 100+?? (not sure how those statistics would break down…would have to see where people are falling now for what ranges make sense)

It’s definitely crap, but, not the kind I’m looking for…

It’s taking something on, say, a VCR (or similar older technology) and making it so you can use the DVD burner to burn it. So no, a DVD burner can’t do the same thing.


I have one o these. Doesnt work with Vista 64 bit. vista 32 bit is compatible

… where do u put the DVD to be recorded on…? o_O

No, unless you have svideo outputs on your computer and a USB port on your TV.

nope video in only…

That cord goes the wrong direction to display on your TV. Best bet to hook computer up to your TV IMHO would be S vid

I’m in for one

So, if I plug my laptop in to my TV using this little cable, then I can record my TV show to the DVD drive on my laptop?

ehhh me not need

not too funny…they didf that to me twice…once the monkey came up, the most recent time, no monkey…only condoms then bacon salt. THEY OWE ME

Will this burn to my Leak Frog?

There is a wad of RainBlo gum stuck to my filling.