Dazzle DVD Recorder

A dvd player - which you then hook to the Dazzle which is hooked to your PC

I had one. It’s good for transferring VHS tapes to DVD.I bought new on sale for $34.99

I’m so tired of looking at Mr. Spork

it even looks stupid.

No, I’m sorry.
Nobody needs a Webcam anymore.
The damn things come in cereal boxes for Christ’s sake!

No Webcams.
Unless they’re the Logitech Orbit. That I could deal with, because it’s awesome and I have one. The rest are carp.

well this is a woot-off killer if I’ve ever seen one.

I bought this on the last woot to put my old 8mm videos on DVD, but can’t figure the damn thing out.

there’s different quantities. say they only had 3 blu ray burners, but 1,000 USB fish tanks. does that help you realize what happened?


My father got one of these. It preformed CPR on him when he had a heart attack. But after it was in the paper, it went around thinking it was better than everyone

I know!!

I gots ta get my spank time on! :slight_smile: LOL

I’m better than everyone else, too.



is that Pat Benatar on the connect a desk add?

Where are the PISTACHIOS woot!?!?!


Dyson vacuums PLEASE!!!

In for one (for the team)!

I did my part to move it along. Bring on the buckets o’ chum!

An xbox 360 will be able to soon if you have live