Dazzle to Go USB 2.0 TV Tuner and Video Editor



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Froogle Link Minimum Price $87.39

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $95.24

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $90.18

Amazon.com Link $94.99 (only 2 in stock, not like you will want either of them)

Manufacturer Page $99.99 Direct


now this looks effing cool…i need a video editor

i’m in!


Looks like this could be a good deal. USB TV tuners are great for laptops.

EDIT: Edelman & I have the same join dates… weird O.o


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Dazzle to Go USB 2.0 TV Tuner and Video Editor
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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Bizrate - $90 is the lowest.

MSN Shopping - $93 is the lowest .

Shopzilla - $90 is the lowest.

NexTag - $92 lowest price.

Sprenzy - $93 is lowest.

hope you enjoyed that… i certainly enjoyed searching them for you… get the woot… this product just sounds sooo cute… i’d buy it myself if i knew what it did… where’s my husband when i need him.


Will this work with my video iPod??


Grrrr… not mac compatible, I was looking for something like this for my mac, and got excited for a second. But, alas, it was not meant to be.


can anyone tell me how this is any different or better than my imovie hd?

…refurb lol


oh boy…USB tv tuner…this is screaming bad quality to me. Any rebuttles?


Looks cool.
This might be cool on road trips with a laptop.
Anyone know if it works well?
Nice Woot.


For the love of God, Woot, give me a useful peripheral that works with a Mac!


Aww Nutz, I already bought one of these. Paid over $100 at Best Buy!!. This thing rocks!!, I can capture all my favarite tv shows and transfer them to my video ipod. I’ve also used the included video editing software to make some pretty cool DVD’s. This thing has it all, the quality is great. I only wish I had seen it here 1st!!


i don’t take very many videos. i take tons of pictures. will this do anything for still pictures or just for video?


Be warned USB Tuners Are system resource hogs. This will dramatically reduce your computers ability to import video and etc.

There was a discussion of this in the latest Maximum PC regarding tv tuners.


Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 2.0 GHz or higher (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)

I’m guessing this means it’s NOT a hardware tuner, and therefore not compatible with Windows MCE.
Ah well


Now, this may be common knowledge, but these should be avoided by people like myself, wanting to play console games, while lacking a true television. The delay is usually a good second at the very least, making it virtually impossible to play.

But for your general tv watching, i suppose this could be a decent woot.


I bought one several months ago, totally a piece of crap. Video look good on the screen, however capture software draws a vacumn. Save the cash.

Nite Nite Wooters


My laptop lacks a video card, will this really not work on it?


Back with some prices to go…

SecretPrices … $93

Froogle … $87

PriceGrabber … $88

Shipping costs not included.