Dazzle Video Creator Platinum

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Refurbished Dazzle Video Creator Platinum, for $29.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pinnacle DVC170 Dazzle Video Creator Platinum

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The reviews for these things actually aren’t too dazzling on Alatest…

oo i can start recording my COD4 matches again! my last device i used for this broke :’(

The video converter is great, its the pinnacle software thats a hassle, just need the driver. great product!

Does this work with the Intel Mac?

My mom owns one of these - it’s a really handy little device. It greatly simplifies the process of converting family videos to DVD. The software is easy enough for my mom to use, and she completely lacks computer knowledge.

This is a good Christmas present for anyone with old VHS or camcorder tapes of the family.

I bought one of these from Tiger Direct about one to two months ago for about $80. It hasn’t worked for me yet. These should be good devices, especially if they work properly.

The main use for this device is so you can record video from an external source (like a video camera or vcr) directly to DVD (assuming your computer has a DVD recorder) or to the computer’s hard drive.

Could you watch a movie on your computer using this decvice? I guess so. Is it really the best use of this item? Nope.

Upon further reading the answer to your question appears to be no - you can’t use this to watch your computer display on a TV.

I’m in for one - need to finish archiving my old camera videos.

Okay, one of you lurking geniuses out there, real quick.

How is this different than the red one they offered last month?

I ask because I bought that one and want to know if this one is better.

Anybody know?

(You scoff, but last time somebody asked a question like this, a full spec sheet appeared in no time, even though it was a legacy product and there was no info at the maker’s site.)

RUN away from anything with the name Pinnacle on it… especially if it also contains the name Dazzle. As mentioned, the hardware might be okay… it’s the software that really SUCKS! Even if it works, Pinnacle will not support it for long.

Can this work on a Mac?

I have the same kind of Video Capture but on a Video Card ( a Woot item). It works pretty well but is definitely older technology. I use it for my Hi8 Camcorder to put it on DVD, pretty cool but tiring to switch it all over.

So one hour of VHS is equivalent to how many gigs? Will I need to buy a 2TB hard drive??

Anyone know how this will save files for a PSP? My daughter has one but we can’t seem to get any music/vid on it. Thanks…

Hmm Okay Thanks! But outputing computer screen to TV works too right?

No - the box plugs in to a USB port, and all of the video/audio connectors are for transferring a signal from a TV/VCR/camcorder/etc. to your computer via the USB cable.

Besides, there are much cheaper ways to use your computer on a TV. With modern TVs, it’s actually no more difficult than connecting a computer monitor; some even come with a VGA or DVI port, and some even come with the proper cable!

For instance, I don’t know of a video card that lacks an S-Video port, and I’m assuming your TV has an S-video input. Just connect them. Or get an RCA-Svideo converter and do it that way, if your TV lacks that port. This is a cheap, low-res solution if your TV is a bit older.

Or if you have an HDTV with an HDMI port, get a DVI->HDMI converter (assuming you have a video card with a DVI port)

Edit: In other words, this little box is not what you’re looking for if you’re interested in using your computer with a television as a display. It’s great if you’re looking to go the other way, though (ie recording something on the television to your computer or a DVD)

This product is for INPUT only. No output. You can, of course, use other products (a variety of video cards) to then output the recorded video to a TV, but that is not what this product is for.

If anyone knows… this wouldn’t happen to support game systems like Playstation, ect to display the video and audio through a computer would it?