Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD

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Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Don’t know why this has the HD moniker on the end of the name. S-Video and Composite inputs are definitely NOT High Definition.

Here it is on Amazon:

I assume that’s because the bundled software can be used to edit HD video. I agree it’s misleading, though.

Unboxing at YouTube

It’s very misleading. I bought one of these at Best Buy for twice as much. Even at this price it’s not worth it. The video quality is just horrible.

I bought the Pinnacle something or other video to computer converter a while ago on woot and thing just sucked sucked sucked. The thing was no longer supported by pinnacle, so they wouldn’t even help me with it.

If google is my friend, this thing is also made by pinnacle, but it seems that it might be a more-current product, so maybe it will work better.

I’m tempted to buy one, but it’s like throwing money down the toilet. Plumbers cost a lot of money.

Looks like a good price!

It’s selling for $70-$90 according to Google Shopping:


I agree. The description says it can edit video from an HD camcorder. I guess the HD is from the marketing department, noticing that the software will not restrict you to SD editing. This is definitely not a HD capture solution–not with those inputs.

I own one and it does what it says it will do. I think I paid a lot more for it, but that was some time ago. You could do worse if you need to grab some old VHS footage.

You can back up those old tape cassettes and put them into your computer with this… May I suggest you make a Father’s Day home made DVD gift out of that collection of videos?

Here’s a review at blogcritics

and another at kickstartnews

and Gaming Shogun

I’ve been thinking about buying something like this to convert old VHS home movies to DVD. Having done a total of zero research, this seems like a lot for s-video to USB. Is there something I’m missing? Is the software built on alien technology, requiring a higher price?

Manufacturer’s website, where you can buy it for $89.99.

It looks like they have “Support and Downloads,” as well as a “Knowledge Base.”

I wonder what the big difference between this adapter and this one is:


about 2 years ago I bought on woot something that looks like the same thing (not called HD then.

Is the HW the same?
can I use the cature SW for my old one - as it does not work with Windows 7 ?

any place to just DL the updated SW if the same?

Don’t buy this, it’s completely useless by itself and won’t work unless you get Pinnacle Studio to make it work and nobody should have to suffer with that. Even if you download the drivers for it then it still won’t work with any other video editing software!

Purchased one of these about a year ago- created video but sound wouldn’t match up-it was worse than watching a B&W Godzilla flick. My computer is kept up to date and I have no problems with high intensity games like WoW. In addition, I was a tech support engineer in the lifetime before my job was moved offshore to India so I know computers, however, their tech support kept insisting it was my computer. So…I tried it on another computer AND tried it with a different video. All the same result. Steer clear of this one boys and girls.