Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD

very true, decent deal but very misleading product title. not woots fault because thats the actual product name. the company is basically false advertising in my opinion. anyone who knows about video inputs however will see there is no way to transfer HD video with this sucker

My dad owns one of these and he loves it! He uses it to convert old VHS/Beta tapes into a digital format.

Excuse me, kind kinsmen:

I was wondering whether anyone could inform me as to whether this would work on my Apple computing device?


I don’t think I could buy anything with “Dazzle” in the name.

Red, White, Yellow.
Big difference with HDMI cable.

Some Hip Information about the Parent COmpany AVID


I hope this doesn’t work with a mac. Steve Jobs would never allow such a thing…

Here’s a gaming video made with the Dazzle.

What if dazzle is hidden within the name?


James :?

It’s great for converting VHS/Beta tapes to DVD format for the sake of compressing your dated home video collection. As for anything else, specifically video games, its quality is less than sub-par.

Give it to Dad (if he’s somewhat computer savvy and a home movie addict) for Father’s Day.

I doubt this is any better than the original I bought 2 years ago. It’s plastic, light, and feels/looks like a toy. It hardly works. Sucks. Don’t buy…

While you may be able to find some third party driver or software that will make this work on your Mac, the short answer is no. Apple’s iMovie software requires Firewire input, not USB, and this item does not support Firewire. I have in the past thought about buying it for myself and have not found anyone clever enough to make it work easily, if at all. If someone finds a way to make it Mac-friendly, please, let me know and I’ll be in for one myself.

Could this be used to somehow play my ps2 on my compy?

There’s going to be some lag before the image actually shows up on screen, probably enough of it to make any real gaming impossible or at least very annoying (i.e., more than a second). I guess you could use it to make videos of bits you’ve done before and know well, though.

i was wondering at what frame rate does the device capture the image, does it degrade the quality of the video, from lets say, a non digital camcorder?

The main picture on woot.com makes it look like it’s a mini USB connector, but then the zoomed in pic makes it look like a standard USB connector.



I love woot and all but I video edit often. This device is not too different from Pinnacle’s capture devices. They work every now and then - it’s the proprietary software that usually won’t allow you to use this device to capture with other editors like Sony Vegas, etc.

And it’s the software that’s usually buggy. Canopus is the way to go.

How can it be HD with RCA inputs? That’s one hell of an upconversion!

In terms of framerate, it’s likely 29.97. As far as quality is concerned, you’re only going to get the best by the connection (in this case use S-Video) and the VCR or device you’re using (Make sure the heads are clean, etc. etc. This particular model doesn’t have firewire for many digital cameras…