dBest® Quik-Cart Xtra

Hmmm…would this make a good makeup case?


Pink isn’t going to work for me

great for hauling lots of light weight stuff.
most of the sunday school stuff is stored in these divided up by topics

Was going to buy 3 - but a surprising number of bad reviews on Amazon:

collapsing, not sturdy, etc.

Amazon price $47.79

I got two of these last time on woot. They have already broke! I put heavy books in them, they are only good for light use.

See it in action!


I liked mine a lot…until it broke. The clips on the side are extremely delicate. It’s still semi-functional but not as sturdy. I would buy another one if I wasn’t pretty sure the same thing would happen.

This solves my dilemma. I was considering going in for 2 but it just seems like the stability factor is iffy. Besides, dBest is “dWorst” registered trademark I have ever seen- lol.

I just got a new one after (ab)using one for 5-6 years. The old one had design problems with the hinges, but that is resolved in the new one. I don’t know how people manage to break it - I use it 4-5 times a week, carrying a good 50 lbs of supplies to/from my classes. If I didn’t just get a new one I would have grabbed this.

As a former employee of the IRS I would suggest saving everything.

Also, note that mileage (and other deductions) cannot be estimated. So, update your records now before you have to go crazy recreating your records when you are audited two or three years from now.

how many natty lights will this thing hold?