De Long’s California Wine Map

De Long’s California Wine Map
$14.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Paper
Product: 1 De Long’s California Wine Map


Wanted to get this the last time it was offered but missed it. In for one.


Edit: and first sucker to boot

I received one of these in a BoC a while back. I definitely don’t want it… any takers?

Gorgeous map. Is this the same map we bought last time it was offered (about a year ago or so?) Or have there been updates?

I like wine. I like maps. In for two.

That map doesn’t even cover the Catalina Wine Mixer. Bullcrap.

I would like to take your offer! Should I send you a private message or something else?

I know this is kinda OT, but anyone have any idea how often those wine aroma kits show up? There was one on wine.woot maybe 6 months ago when I was a lurker.

I’ve regretted not buying one of those ever since, as it seems like it was a really good buy and I’ve recently become more interested in describing wine tastes.

“An attractive and sturdy mailing tube” - really?

$5 cheaper than normal.

We haven’t seen the Boggy Old Creature yet, have we?

I actually think it’s half price. The website mentioned above sells this at $29.95 + $4.99 S&H.

I’m in for one.

I went for it. In for one.

I live in Napa and all too often I find myself looking down at surrounding wine regions. However, in the past few years I have visited much of Sonoma County and discovered a LOVE for Zinfandels from Dry Creek. Last year I made a trip down to Southern California and drove through Monterey, past the Santa Lucia Highlands, through Paso, and did some tasting around Santa Ynez. After this trip I have a new found curiosity for these regions and their unique offerings. I am hopeful that this map will push me to visit more of the diverse regions of California and branch out while still staying local at the wine shop. Thanks Woot.

This can be shipped to Massachusetts, right?

I’m in for one!

Ahhh…just looked at thier site. I wish this was the wine varietal chart. Thinking…

As a guy that makes maps for a living - this is nice!

You should watch “Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure”

Oz Clarke and James May (from BBC’s “Top Gear”) travel from Santa Barbara to Napa in a huge RV stopping at wineries grand and small. It’s funny, informative and enlightening. Because of this show, I seek out Paso Robles-area wine that previously I didn’t realize was out there.

Lmao! “It’s the F*&%#&* Catalina Wine Mixer!” Great movie. This would be very nice if I had anywhere to hang it.