De Long’s California Wine Map

I have a feeling I can stop checking the Woot Off for a few hours.

Have one of these and love it. Is it the same as the last one offered?

isn’t there an app for this?

Hmmm… What would I need this map for?

Associating the wine you’re drinking with the region it came from. Interesting to compare the wines from different areas of Cali. BTW love your avatar

very slow woot thus far…I’m thinking this is going to be a 48 hour woot that is going to overlap cheapskate wednesday. Smart move if it does because I know I’m going to be up all night tonight buying wine like crazy!

I gotta check!


this comes up every time

white knuckling for more 1001 Pinot…

Carp…I didn’t sleep last night! oh well who needs it wine is more important.


I agree, these normally take a long while to get rid of.

I have this one too. It’s quite nice. Definitely worth the Woot-off price.

(I keep meaning to trot off to Michael’s to get a good frame for it.)


This will be gone by 1:30pm EST at the latest.

Bought one of these a couple wootoffs ago and am really happy with it. It looked like it shipped fairly quickly and was in a pretty large tube so I didn’t have any issues with it being curled or anything. I checked on Delong’s website afterwards just to find out more and then realized that the wine.woot price is actually half of what it retails for. Definitely a good buy.

I’ve been wanting something like this. Going to frame it near my bar. Thanks Woot Off!

Oh, also ordered some of the climber to deal with the 100+ degree days we get here in Texas.

i got three of these last time they were up. all three came damaged…like someone shook them vigorously inside the shipping tubes and made all the edges bent. so much for getting rid of them as gifts… “oh, um, thanks. just what i needed. a previously used looking poster.” otherwise, such a good idea. has their money on 2:30 EST.

I was going to get one but there are no states listed for shipment… oh darn.

35 minutes now!

Touche, sir.