De Long’s California Wine Map

De Long’s California Wine Map
$14.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 De Long’s California Wine Map

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Oh good. Now my workday can begin.

This reminds me I have to get mine framed…

Whats the quality of the print like? Vintage style paper or coated in plastic?

I did my bit, but hope this doesn’t last as long as

Does this come w/ a Dora the Explorer figurine and backpack?!

But it’s lunch time now!! I guess I should be working through lunch anyways with all of the woot watching I’ve been doing. C’mon woot - bring the good stuff out at noon!

No. They were swiped.

Darn, I was hoping for the chart of wine varietals. I need to nab one if/when it comes around. If it does come up and I don’t post a message that I am in for one and the button is bouncing, someone get one for me and I will pay them back! lol

This map is on good quality paper. I have this particular map framed with no matting.

That sneaky Fox always swipes our stuff!

Purchased a map to go along with my Pinot.

I think a lot of that had to do with those being up while people were sleeping…

You do know the Pinot is from Oregon though I hope?

I bought the Wine Table last woot-off and framed it as a birthday present, and it looks fantastic.

I’m in for two so I can gift one and nerd-out over the other.

It’s heavy duty paper not coated in plastic.

Anxiously waiting for mine to be delivered now.

Now I have an excuse to yank those pins from work to declare places I ought to visit. :smiley:

I bought this in the past and mounted it for about $15 bucks and built a frame myself. I bought another today for a fried who begged me to buy it the next time its up. Hung in my wine cellar. every one who visits the room asks where and how they can get this… very detailed and really cool to look at the region the wine you are drinking is from. recommended!