De Long’s California Wine Map

so cool. in for 1!

Getting close to the magical noon hour…

For those wanting this map - it’s really nice - just pick up a nice poster frame for $20 and it’s not a bad addition to the wall…

These look really nice framed and on the wall. I have one in my office in a simple black frame.

Nice map. I see that there are buyers in Iowa - perfectly reasonable, as I couldn’t make a wine map of Iowa myself.

What happens at noon?

Bring back the varietal chart! I want a couple copies.


It was said last night that Noon referred to Noon Pacific time.

I love all of the De Long maps and charts. Twice as expensive from the maker’s website, but there are a few other maps available that would look good on your wall next to all those leather bound books and Livestrong Honey Pots.

Do they make maps that also include Washington and Oregon? (I don’t have enough wall space for 2 of these things…)

Ooh! With a 24x36 poster frame from Walmart for $17, I’ll only -look- like I have expensive taste…I think I’ll drink 3 Buck Chuck under it :smiley:

Big plus. The mailing tube is attractive!

Really? Nobody can post this?

De Long’s California Wine Map
$14.99 + $5 shipping
1 De Long’s California Wine Map

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Whoa, an irritated Cesare…

Anyway, every time I’ve decided not to buy one of these, I’ve regretted it. So, in for one! (This doesn’t count against my WBM, does it?)

I figured most of the purchases would come from, well, California. Apparently I was wrong!

It’s better to look good…

Everyone in Cali does not need this map - they know where it is :slight_smile:

Does W = wine or woot?

No one quite does it like you do! :wink:

Though the appellations reflect some soil and mesoclimactic (intermezzo climactic?) boundaries, they are often mainly oeno-political. A topo map showing elevation and exposure (as well as distance from cooling salt water, our biggest influence) is at least as helpful, I think. The stylized mountains on the map don’t do much.

Then again real vineyard location often requires 4WD! I just met a guy who’s interested in planting Alicante Bouschet at 2000’ elevation above Big Sur (ocean view). Be nice to look down on the Zeppelin as it flies by.