De Long’s California Wine Map

De Long’s California Wine Map
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PRODUCT: 1 De Long’s California Wine Map

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If you don’t have one, a good chance to pick one up. I know the AVAs pretty well, and I find it very useful. Pretty too.

Could we get one of the other 3 maps on Woot (i.e., France, Italy, Iberian peninsula)?


Great map. I have mine framed next to my wine cellar. Good conversation piece for wine nerds, cork dorks, and wine-oes.

Know it’s a woot off when the map makes YET another appearance. How many of thse did they make. Please make it go away

Why would they offer maps of wine regions they do not offer wine from?

I’d rather have one that has varietals.

Or…how about a nice hand blown decanter like the old days? :slight_smile:

I have this map and bought a black plastic frame from michaels for $15, it’s in my kitchen right now. Looks awesome. Highly recommended, this is a really good quality map.

This is a great item to woot into the blackness! Plus it is $30 everywhere else.

Next please! I have no use for this. It’s as bad as olives.


I have this is a black frame in my office and it looks nice.

I would recommend it.

What have you got against olives??? Are you one of those olive haters I’ve heard about???

Or maybe some wine.

In for two to go with my two Iberian, France and Italy maps (which I got recently on sale from another site not to be named). One set of 4 for me, one set of 4 for my dad for christmas and B-Day for the next few years. I figure I’ll give him a map and a few wines from appelations around that map.

Woot off killer… too bad.

Looks like this is getting pulled early. They just put out the Last Call on Twitter.

I bought one simply to reduce the inventory so I can see some real wine items on today’s woot off!

My thoughts exactly.