De Long’s California Wine Map

De Long’s California Wine Map
$14.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 De Long’s California Wine Map

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Dear WW gods, please have the Italy map somewhere up your sleeve!

Not again, please can we not see another map, poster or … again in my lifetime

If an Italy map does not show up here there is on on the one of the other wine sites for $19.99 with free shipping.

It’s $14.99 with free shipping on amazon…I’m getting one myself.

Awesome…thanks for the heads up, folks! Maybe I can make a wine map wall. Who needs wallpaper anyways?! LOL

I really like this poster. Once framed, it’s made a nice addition to my bar.

let’s see, this or Stillmans; Elvis DFYS poster. Hmmm need to cover wall space.

Oh my, it would seem the Elvis poster is sold out, I guess I am stuck with this useful wall art.

ok I just did my part to move this along

Wanted to chime in that I’m also quite satisfied with the map - it’s a very attractive conversation piece. And I think I got the same frame as Otolith!

Bought one to move this woot down the road. I think it would make a great X-mas/Bday for your favorite wineaux head!!! cheers

Where did you pic up the frame? I just did my part and I’m going to need a stylish frame for this.

Frame was from Michael’s, bought on Black Friday for 60% off!

Every other item is non-wine.
Is that the norm?

Anyone know how far south this map goes? Does it include the Temecula AVA and San Diego AVAs?

If anyone needs an invite to lot18 for the Italy wine map just pm me and I will send you an invite. My guess is it will probably show up on here though.

Bought one several years ago thru Robin Garr’s Wine Lovers website and noticed a flaw: Santa Catalina Island is misnamed as Santa Carolina Island. Emailed Robin about the mistake and he said he’d tell the DeLong people. Can’t tell from the pics on Woot or on DeLong’s website whether that error has been fixed.

This appears to be the folded book version, that is also sold on De Long’s site. For 14.99

Lot 18 has the poster version for 19.99 with free shipping. Just wanted to let you know because I didn’t realize right away, but if you look at the pics on amazon it’s the folded version.

This is silly! Can we please get to the wine? Enough with the maps and posters that you can get cheaper elsewhere. The pricing used to be so much better before Amazon bought these guys.