De Long Wine Grape Varietal Table

De Long Wine Grape Varietal Table
$19.99 $30.00 33% off List Price
De Long Wine Grape Varietal Table, 24" (H) x 36" (W)

What vintage is this chart?

Joke or serious?



I assume the gentleman already has a version of this, and wonders if the one for sale here is of a newer edition, or a duplicate of the one he already owns.

Maybe check your list price - $25 + $5 shipping on De Long’s website; $25 with free Prime shipping on the Mothership.

Looks right to me. Isn’t “list” just another way of saying “manufacturer’s”? I don’t say that it’s the best comparison (as a consumer, I’m also interested in knowing the least-expensive option), but it’s what wine.woot consistently uses. Winery price, plus shipping. (You may not agree with it, but at least they’re consistent!)

TT you know me better that that.


Some of the posters get updates and we’ve seen older, since updated, charts offered here.
Just wondered if this was the current vintage/release…