De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table
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product: 1 De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

No CT links for this one. :slight_smile:

…so here a question: Is it better to have two WINES per week or one wine and one ‘other’ wine-related thing that will encourage the purchase of two wine.woots per week?

Edit: You didn’t beat me by much, masked man…

Ooooo spiffy. I like it. May have to think about this one.

Could be cool framed in a bar-ish room.

I’ve got to be sober to receive this!?

Finally, something for the anti-wine states.

why the tediously long delivery time for the limited states? is there wine attached to this?

Will there be any LabRattage on this?!


At least we don’t have to look at this all week.

what is the chart printed on? paper, laminated, poster board? I would like to have, but I can’t tell if it looks too cheesy to pass gf decoration requirements.

CT links?

We got this for our Master Sommelier that taught He loved it. Im definately in for one!!

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, my friend… :slight_smile:

While I don’t know your gf, my money is on too cheesy.

We bought this for our Master Sommelier that taught my first level sommelier course. We got it framed and signed the edges. He loved it

Some details.

So your saying its a good looking piece that could be hung on a wall? Apparently I am not allowed to have posters just thumb tacked to the wall anymore… <grumble grumble>

Amazon has it for a good chunk of change more and the reviews are all pretty positive on it, so twisting my arm wont be hard. Any else with first hand knowings of this?

IMHO, although this would make for a cool and potentially (once every blue moon) useful thing, I can’t possibly justify €16.05 for this. The only thing I would ever want it for is looking at the grapes, and most of that I could find elsewhere. I will admit it might be cool around a bar, but only if your bar is really wine-based with racks behind it and so on. Even so, I still think there is better artwork for such a bar. I think that if I decided to buy this I would probably just take a picture of the poster and save it to my computer with high enough resolution to read all of the boxes on my computer and just give the poster away. Therefore, despite being an interesting and somewhat intriguing offer I shall save my £12.62.

Edit: I must also admit that I could see an aspiring sommelier getting good use out of this, enough even to justify the 586.08 руб.

* The Wine Grape Varietal Table. 24 by 36 inches printed on 110 lb. acid-free archival paper.
* The Wine and Grape Indexes. 4 by 8 inches, 88 pages perfect bound. Includes all worldwide appellations.
* Gift Tube. The Table and Index are packaged in an attractive reusable gift tube.

Thanks for the link!

I’m a sucker for infoporn, but my brain is a giant ball of cognitive dissonance right now:

Left brain: Ugly
Right brain: Functional
Left brain: UGLY!
Right brain: FUNCTIONAL!
Left brain: $20!!
Right brain: What do you care, hippy?
Left brain: Well, I’m not letting us put that up without a frame.
Right brain: Why? It doesn’t get any more meaningful with a frame. And frames are like $500.
Left brain: Frame. Or no dice. Besides, we got a nice poster frame at Cost Plus last week for $40.
Right brain: grumble Lets see, who owes us money…