De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

I have this very poster; I got it for Christmas 2008. Highly recommended; great information and great quality. $35 from the manufacturer: Wine Grape Varietal Table | De Long

Is this the standard or deluxe version?

Michael’s sells gorgeous frames that fit these charts perfectly (24"x36")

They’re usually on sale and when 40% off (coupons are typically easy to find) the price is about $30.

I bought a deep burgundy and brown frame that compliments the chart very nicely.

Must be the deluxe version as the grape index is included (see bullet points). That’s the only difference between deluxe and regular.

This is going to take forever. At least I’ll get some work done!

Wait… The paper is 110 lbs?

Yep, make sure you get extra strength hooks to hang it once framed

No, that has to do with the overall paper density and how thick each sheet is. So in this case 500 sheets (or might be 1000) weigh a total of 110lb.

The higher the number, the higher the quality (generally).

In for one, this will look very cool

Got a lovely frame for this from Ikea for dirt cheap. Looks excellent on my wall!

In for one. Retails for $35 plus shipping . . .and I’ve always wanted one of these. I hose regular tastings and this is a great teaching tool.

I got the California map that De Long’s sells during the last woot-off. It looks great on my wall. I was hoping they would have this chart this time around. In for two, as they make great gifts.

Anybody get theirs yet?

Mine shows “Anticipated Ship date: 4/5/10” and has since the 5th. So FedEx still has not even received it.

Ditto, mine was for a birthday gift which is tomorrow… ARGHHHHH