De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table
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PRODUCT: 1 De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

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holy he!!

This one peaks my interest… going to contemplate.

We have this and we use it to record the different varietals that we’ve tried. We have different colored push pins corresponding to how much we like the wine. It’s a lot of fun!

I was kind of hoping this would pop up again. Looks like a pretty good conglomeration of useful information. I shall hang it next to my wine rack and snootily consult it to occasionally back up my claims. :slight_smile:

These are printed on nice thick paper. I need to buy a few more to give as gifts to my wine loving family.

This again? Hasn’t anyone that wanted one bought it in the previous 100 offerings? How can there still be more in the warehouse?

Everyone - buy 2 for gifts, please! I need more wine! I just cleaned out the closet and discovered room for more bottles.

What’s in the little black book? Is it info about each varietal?

Is this the deluxe edition?

Can I drink this? No? Pass

This chart comes on a nice grade of paper and is a standard poster size making it easy to find a decent frame for it without spending a ton of money. I have it hanging just outside my cellar and refer to it all the time. Also, have color coded dots on it to track my progress to the Century Club.


$35 on amazon

To be honest I can’t remember… we got ours years ago and we just use the poster.

My wife is sleeping so I hacked her woot sign on, What is this thing and why isnt it dripping out of a bottle. WINE WOOT not picture woot or did I miss something.

in 4 2…one for me and one for a gift

Yes. The standard edition does not include the index book.

in for two…always miss this in the other wootoffs…

How do you miss this? this wallpaper ison every Wootoff for hours

Mellman99 is too busy fighting crime, saving kittens, and feeding the homeless to sit on a Woot-Off for hours on end. Like some of us.