De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

Don’t ask me why I’m awake, but I actually just framed mine from the last Woot-Off today in one of these, and it looks absolutely smashing.

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I received mine in the mail a week or so ago and am going to have it framed this week. It’s already been a lot of fun for girlfriend and I as well as a few of my more Dionysian friends. The handbook is useful as well. I have the sense it’s going to be responsible for a much broader approach to my future experimentation with less common wines.

yeah, bought it last time too. speaking of… what did I do with it? [going to look…]

edit: found it! ooh, neat! overwhelming… but, neat!

Manufacturer site $35

dude, seriously, woot off again!?

I read elsewhere that there is a first edition of this and a supposedly improved/updated version. Is that so? Which is this?

P.S. I wooted this previously and unfortunately have STILL not framed and hung it. How time flies.

I’m glad to hear others are pleased with this…I bit rather fast. It looked neat-o.

And thanks for the link to the frame, you up there.

Wooted one. Will make a good gift for my folks I think. They’ve got a wine cellar and bar in their new home’s basement.

How many of these can woot absorb? It’s great, and if you don’t have one you should get one, but c’mon…

I think these posters are great (there’s also a wine AVA region poster as well). They frame up pretty well:


I have always missed this in the past. In for 1.

The holidays are close, Im in for 1 for my Mom

There’s a picture there…even though it doesn’t appear to be showing up. :slight_smile:

I just started checking Wine Woot and have already seen this thing what seems like a few times. Would rather have some good wine - has some good Rhone wines today and has a great Napa Cab. Come on Wine Woot - bring on the good wine.