De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table
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PRODUCT: 1 De Longs Wine Grape Varietal Table

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It would be handy if they would let us know if these are updated from the last ones. Or the ones before that. Or the ones before that.

Especially since I got one or two as gifts.

In for one. Missed it the last couple of times. The map one is pretty cool too.

Ditto. Would love to get this and frame it for the “wine area” that I’m building/putting together in the den!

You can always count on this showing up during a Woot-Off … sigh

Do they sell the chairs to go with this?

Well, it’s the Deluxe Edition (since it has the book)…beyond that not sure how often these are updated. From the site looks like it was published Winter 2004/2005 but it’s unclear if those are different versions.

For $20 they better have included a couple bottles of wine

That seems quite pricey for basically a periodic table of “wine varieties”…

I really like this poster. Goes great in the bar area. The frame was from Michael’s, which I believe is a national craft-type store.

Oh please, its all about the wines being offered.

What wines being offered? I’ve checked in a dozen times today and am yet to see any…

If you just want the poster try amazon. $10.24

How many of these did they dump on you. It is always on during a woot off

Very nicely done.

Are you serious???
Click the community button and you will see all the offerings you “missed” then.


Where does Two Buck Chuck fall on this chart?

All over. There are many varietals sold by Charles Shaw. To dismiss them simply out of low price is a mistake.

I am drinking a box Griggio right now that is superior to most bottle Griggio and cheaper too.


edit: I’ve made sure the bar area is all decorated up. The rest of the house, not so much. :slight_smile: