De Luca Montepuliciano D'Abruzzo DOC (4)

De Luca Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 4-Pack
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2011 ‘Sipario’ Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC
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Finally some Montepuliciano D’Abruzzo!

2011 De Luca Montepulciano D’Abruzzo “Sipario”
I got an opportunity to sample this wine and was pleasantly surprised at its approachable nature.

Almost a translucent ruby color in the glass with 1/4" meniscus and thin, slow-forming legs. On the nose, cherry for days! Just a hint of spice and some darker fruits.

The palate resembles the nose. Fruit forward, the cherry notes dominate complemented by plum, blackberry and some tart pomegranate with bright acidity and mild tannins on the short/medium finish.

This is an uncomplicated easy-drinker and seems like a wine that would be best consumed now or within the next 2-3 years. No reason to hold this, it’s extremely user-friendly already. :slight_smile:

In for a set to go with the Vino Noceto and some Harvest Moon in the Plus deal.

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Carol Lam Pavageau replying to the three most beautiful sounds of a kitten purring, the thwack of a perfectly pitched and hit base/soft ball and then finally the sublime sound of the cork popping open from a bottle of good wine. Yes totally agree with all three, but then I would finish/top it off with the finally of sipping on that fine wine listening to Maria Callas sing “Oh Mio Bambino”; Almost heaven with the wine being the Diva to my pallet and her louring voice to stir the rest of our sences…

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is my FAVORITE Italian wine! I’ve never had one I didn’t like. It’s an often-overlooked gem.

The Italian wine monkey was looking down on me again. A couple of weeks ago he sent me a nice bottle of Nero D’Avola, which I hope a lot of you bought. It pairs well with many foods. This time I got to try the current offer, the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. Knowing a little something about this red, I decided to pair it with pork chops seasoned with fennel seeds, fettuccine alla carbonara and steamed carrots.

Upon Pnp, the color is a beautiful deep purple with small scents of dark fruit. The first tasting reveals a soft wine with dark fruits and a little spice. There is no acidic finish on the swallow. So, time to finish up the cooking and come back to it in about 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, the flavors have increased but are not intense. They are soft blackberry, plum and a little dark cherry. The finish has a little dryness and a small amount of tartness. (I noticed chipgreen thought this was pomegranate.) The pairing with the meal could not have been better. The fennel was perfect with the dark fruits. The parm and pancetta in the pasta married well with the soft tannins. This, like the Nero D’Avola, was a very nice wine.

If you are in to trying various types of Italian wines, add this one to the list of Barbera and Nero D’Avola. I think that you will find that these three wines will be perfect accompaniments to your dishes. I also think that this is priced right for a wine that has good flavor, soft tannins and average complexity.

How would you fine folks compare this to a Noceto Sangiovese/Barbera or Scott’s Barbera?

We do love Italian grapes (being Italians and all…) as they tend to pair nicely with much of what we cook.

2011 De Luca Montepulciano d’Abruzzo d’Abruzzo Sipario

Along with some other shipments that arrived earlier this week I found this dark and enhancing lonely single Italian lady. Ahh, wrong blog…

but stored in the fridge, no Ar, and tasted over a few days, she did play well with the leftovers-we-need-to-clean-up menu for the next couple of days, some eggplant-mushroom lasagna, good homemade meatball spaghetti, various green veggies, augmented with some Creminelli sopressata and boar salami, Beehive and Vella cheeses and some Average Joe bread. This is all too much sounding like a Woot Wherehouse clearance party isn’t it.

Color a fairly deep but bright and clear but intense ruby red with violet/purple, not inky like a Stillman PS, but still young given the violet tinges.

Aromas of black cherry with a bit of violet, typical of a Montepuliciano.

Entry is smooth and fruity, sour cherry dominating hints of other dark berries; not sensing any oak or wood. Tannins are evident, but not overwhelming; they do coat top and sides of the tongue and carry into a medium finish.

My research found this is the opening line of the De Luca wines, a pleasant bottle the worked well with all the food I threw at it. Given this is just their opener and how well it drinks, I’ll now be looking for some of their other offerings.

A late posting and now seeing the price, this hits right on.

Level of complexity here does not match either, but it’s not a Barbera that I love, especially Scott’s, nor is it as high acid as a Sangio, but this did play well with foods I had it with.

…and I found it enjoyable on its own. Good to know it is also food friendly since I went in for a set.

I agree that it doesn’t pack the punch of a Sangio or approach the complexity of Scott’s Barbera. I’d probably put it on par with Lang Barbera, though.

it was difficult the second day to not finish the bottle; just kept sipping/pouring, but there’s some, little, for this evening as well.

What’s going on here? Sellouts on 3 of the last 4 offers and stillmans wasn’t one of them. Everyone must be spending their Xmas bonus’s.

Does seem odd for a Saturday. Maybe they will get some more later or maybe even a different wine from this vintner. (??) Those who got it will not be disappointed.


Apparently I wasn’t quick enough to make a decision, though.