De-stress For Success



What’s your favorite way to relax after a long day of class (or work)?


I was going to buy the poker set because I had been debating one recently (I don’t really play poker but wanted to teach the wife some casino games), but after seeing this one I did some research and there are a lot of comparably priced sets with twice as many chips in it. While this is a much more classy set (the case is pretty nice), I am really just looking for some good chips, and when I can get 500 for this same price, I will pass.


This is a very nice set if you hold games in your house or dorm. If you’re just looking for chips obviously you can skip the case, but if you want something elegant that can be sat on your nice poker table this is a great way to go.


The case is nice, but that aside, the set is overpriced. And quite frankly, I don’t care about the case. lol


I like how I’m presented a picture of a fine poker case, yet after clicking the link I’m more drawn to the nerf guns.


The massager looks like a Storm Trooper helmet.


I would be less stressed if everyone thought I was a Storm Trooper.


Why does it say “professional weight” instead of actually listing the weight? If they are 13.5g clay chips, this is a decent price. If 11.5g or plastic, you can do much better elsewhere.


Nerf guns! Can I shoot them at my annoying customers? You know, the ones knocking on the door to be let in five minutes after you close? And then have the gall to say, I know you’re probably wanting to leave, but…

Grrrr! Yeah, I was setting the stinking alarm! I should have just ignored your dumb butt!




This is true. Also there is no official casino weight, let alone a “professional weight.” I assume they are 11.5g, which is in fact the average weight of casino chips in Las Vagas. Source


Really, it’s not the weight but the material you want to worry about. These are not clay chips, I would give 9 to one odds on that. Clay chips just feel better, much, much better.


exactly… 11.5g clay chips are really good (while I prefer 13.5g), anything other than clay though feels “cheap”


Also the Nerf guns are not “deals”

The NERF Vortex Proton is cheaper at Wal-Mart & Amazon

The Nerf Praxis is also cheaper at Wal-Mart & Amazon

Amazon has the free ship w/ $25+/Prime
and Wal-Mart has the free site to store.

I guess if you had the $5 all you can ship, go for it-- but it’s barely a discount =D


Seconded. I’m somewhat of a NERF fanboy, and I can back up this comment. I believe the Vortex line is on its way out, and many stores are discounting the guns. The disc-shooters didn’t really catch on that well, though it does hurt a little when you get shot by one :stuck_out_tongue:

The new N-Strike Elite series (the blue boxes) supposedly shoot farther and straighter. I haven’t bought one yet, but you can get the entry gun (the Retaliator) for a little more than the price of the Praxis.


The Vortex line is definitely not out… Their new 40-disc Nerf Vortex Pyragon is sure to bring in more vortex-fans. I for one have 3 of the clips and 1 gun-- and it’s awesome due to the fact that it is the only slam-fire vortex gun.


This arrived a few minutes ago. I popped it on, ran out on my balcony and made the little girl in the apartment downstairs cry. Good times!!