Deal With It Unisex Tank

Grr! If only it weren’t unisex. The arm holes on the small are too big for me. :frowning:

Meh… No thanks!

No bonuses? Might have been a good opportunity to add a…deal with it…YEAH!

deal with it

Nice pun!

XL is the largest size?

My 3XL son will have to squeeze into it…making the horror of his pulling it up all the more, well, horrific.

I guess others just have to… Deal with it.

I’m sorry, but I imagined the truffle shuffle scene.

Don’t be afraid to wear it over another t-shirt or to flash some bra or side-boob. Guaranteed we guys won’t mind.

I had to look up the reference, it’s been decades since I saw the Goonies.

That’s a minature version of what my son will look like…he’s 18, 6’1", 285 lbs.

The horror, the horror.

I’ll post video, of course.