Deal With It

Does the guy come with it or is that separate?

Definitely with the guy

I think he’s separate. I don’t know if we have a few thousand of him to ship out with each shirt. I know that stinks, but, DEAL WITH IT! :slight_smile:

Not liking this style shirt at all. Hope its the first and last one of its kind on shirt.woot

This is cool and all but a real bra over your face says it better.


Wtf Woot.


Obnoxious attitude now validated by glorious 8 bit design. Dodges a fist to the face, but gets arrested as a flasher.

This is really for all those gals that complained that a previous design calls attention to their chest, isn’t it???

(I’d love to see the breakdown in male vs female style sales)

This is definitely a shirt my hubby would buy me!!!

Dodges? “Warrants” is more like it.

I think the glasses are required, to block out the view of my man flab when I lift my shirt.

BTW, love the video clips

Maybe we should have sold an add-on blank shirt as a “flab-obscurer”

The more economical alternative to the classic Wayfarers being offered on Accessories Woot. Guess I’ll have to deal with it.

This shirt can’t be turned inside out for washing. How will I wash my shirt now!?

I looked, but couldn’t find shirt woot for several minutes. I thought the anvil complaints finally ended it all! That’s what I get for wearing my sunglasses at night.

Unless it plays Yello’s Oh Yeah like an electronic birthday card, an adult isn’t going to hide like an ostrich behind his’o’er shirt. Appropriate vine commercials notwithstanding.

OooooKay. There’s a risky shirt.

Getting fancy there with the “write” ups now aren’t we Woot. And the shirt printing.

This is so innovative and clever that I think I will buy it. The awesome part about this shirt is that it contains an instant answer to anybody who would dare telling me I have way too many t-shirts - just lift up the shirt, within bounds of propriety of course.

I’m unclear about the “it” with which I am to deal. It’s these glasses, I can’t see a thing through them.

Where are the videos of women using this shirt? I think that would make for much more entertaining videos! C’mon woot!

It would also sell shirts to women who are looking for the perfect shirt to wear to Mardi Gras.