Deals on Two Wheels

Hey, bikes for the whole family! Do you have a bike? Feel free to share tips for keeping your bike in optimal condition!

As usual, no 24" bikes. I am short!!! I want a short bike!!!

Woot sometimes has some really excellent deals, but this Schwinn is an example of a deal that seems to be the normal going-price for this make & model online. Just Google it (under the shopping setting, of course). I couldn’t find it for the supposed retail price anywhere.

Try a kid’s bike :slight_smile: Kids are short, too.

Exercise is good for you. If you don’t own a bike because you think it is too expensive, buy one of these. You’ll save roughly 15% compared to the list prices at Amazon or big-box retailers.

Remember, though, you’ll probably find something much better at the same price point if you shop for a used bike.

What is the difference between the Delta Sport 2007 and 2008?

What size are the Delta Sport and Rocket bikes?

Woot - can you tell me what the frame size is? I probably need a large…

I’ve sent the request to the buyer but with the weekend, it will most likely be Monday before he can get the info from the vendor. :frowning:

Need frame size or seat post measure to decide!!! on the Mongoose Fireline 26" Men’s Full-Suspension Mountain Bike. please

Wait for the frame sizes before deciding. I’m 5’4" and ride a 26" medium compact frame bike. I’d guess that my bike could fit someone as short as 5’ since the seat post can go down another 3-4". If you’re shorter than 5’ there’s a smaller sized frame that should fit shorter folks. What I’m trying to say is that short folks could fit on 26" wheel bikes, depends on frame size. Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have to buy small wheels!

Remember, Don’t expect these to be any good off-road! Or at least, not with any serious trails. A cruiser loop would be fine, but that’s the extent of what I would put them through.

Like a few others, I would like to know frame size. From the description, Schwinn S8ZDELSM, is it possible that the SM stands for small?

How about if you’re 6’2" tall? Need those frame sizes. :slight_smile:

Looking at the Mongoose Fireline 26" Men’s Full-Suspension Mountain Bike as I assume that’s the best mountain bike of the bunch for a man.

I won’t be doing hardcore off-roading. Just want something I can use on/off road and that’s quality and durable. I already have a nice Trek 620 touring road bike (1984).

Any thoughts?

If you want something that’s quality and durable, these are not the bikes you should be looking at.

Browse Cl or go to your local bike shop and see what they have to offer from last year or any used bikes. Stick to the big brands like trek/specialized/GT/cannondale etc.

Those bikes are actually made to be riden, the bikes posted here ( no offense woot, gotta make that green) are junk bikes that are meant to be riden once, put in your garage, and then sold on CL for 50 bucks later.

You can get a great used mountain bike for 300 bucks that will last a lifetime. A brand new Mongoose will not.

Bought the 700C dark blue POS and the bike came with 2 bent wheels and a busted rear wheel hub. Not the best purchase I have made on Woot.

I am 6’4" and was wondering the same thing.

I was just looking for a comfortable bike for typical bike pathways for now.

I still have an old USA made Huffy trail bike that is finally starting to give up the ghost.

CL seems to have been slim pickens for bikes. I did notice this only had so-so reviews.

Unless you need a cheap, good enough bike (and can’t find one on CL) for an event like Burning Man. In which case, with minimal care, these will probably last you a couple of burns :slight_smile:

I found the frame sizes! Not the same bike but dear god the sizes better be the same for the entire lineup. You want the top tube length.

Small is 54cm (probably good for someone 5’4’’ to 5’10’’)
Med is 56cm (probably good for someone 5’8’’ to 6’2’’)

Usually a 54cm frame can fit most people by adjusting the saddle height and position. You can also replace the handlebar stem to get a proper length for about $50. I’m 6ft tall and ride on a 56 cm frame which fits me pretty well. Again, you can adjust the saddle and handlebars to fit you better.

I would be skeptical about the quality of a bike being sold with a frame size that is a word rather than a number.