Deals to drink too

Festive gathering? White elephant gift? I think this one’s got you covered on that front. What do you think?

We can NEVER ESCAPE that ‘Kick Up Your Heels’ Girl’s Night Out frame.

It will eat your soul.

I was going to buy 2 sets; yes, I thought the price shown was for a set of 6. Perhaps this is the going rate for hand-painted glasses, bt it seems way too high to me.

Agreed. I was all over it, until I realized these were the prices for a single glass.

you know how little anyone cares about this one? you have had that typo in the title all week. I keep looking every day to see if you noticed.

“MADE IN CHINA” killed it for me.

Are these from that one lady that started this as a home business hand painting them one-by-one and turned it into a million+ a year business? If not then a copy of her stuff/idea.

Although I’m not the target market for $15 single painted glasses I had to respect how huge she grew it. That is if these are even hers…which I can’t remember her name to even research it lol.