Deals under $50



Um… how is

Mystery Science Theater 3000 10-Disc DVD Collection


under $50?


i was told there would be no math.


A robotic Bot?

The future has arrived.


Looks like a Woot-Off on Sellout.Woot today. Everything here looks familiar :wink:

Best deal is the batteries!


I got the Galaxy cover last woot off and have to say… It is great


The whiskey stones are a great buy. I had purchased another set that was much more expensive and then a friend got me a set of these. These are larger than the set I bought and they seem to stay colder longer. At 4 bucks I’m thinking of buying a couple more sets. I’ve only used them to cool off Bourbon on a warm day, never used them to keep anything hot.


I wish there was a picture of the Kindle cover closed. I love my teal JAVOedge cover, but it might be nice to have a back-up.

Edit: I answered my own question.


Can’t I just use some pretty river rocks to cool my drinks? I’d rinse them off a little after I get them out of the fish tank . . .


A pretty decent review (if you don’t discount it by the fact the reviewer is wearing one of those holographic sticker balance wrist bands).


I got one of the skitter bots when they came up awhile ago. It’s surprisingly fast and fun to play with.

It also scared the out of my cat- she was sniffing it when it wasn’t moving, then I made it go towards her and she jumped up and backwards a few feet. First time she’d ever done that, and worth it in my book for that laugh alone.


I’ve got the same Kindle 3 cover. I like it a lot.


You may have scared the ____ out of your cat, but if she knew it was you, she might be saving the next ____ for your bed…


I will also vouch for the Kindle covers! Very good quality!


Are lumbar packs the same as the “fanny packs” from the early 90s?

Although they are very functional the people at my work constantly make fun of a guy who wears one. I can’t imagine them making a come back but if they did, well… maybe I’d order the green one.


Does anyone know if the Galaxy Tab 7" cover will fit the Asus/Google Nexus 7?


does anyone know if the galaxy cover will fit the galaxy tab 2 7"


the galaxy tab 7 cover does not fit the Kindle Fire like I had hoped. The Galaxy Tab 7 apparently has more rounded corners, so I can cram my Kindle Fire into the cover but it feels like it’s going to pop out at any time.


Nexus 7 specs: 7.81" x 4.72" x 0.41"
Galaxy 7" specs: 7.48" X 4.74" x 0.47"

Oooh, just looked at that again…N7 may be too tall. :frowning:


Swimways Giant Spring Jam Basketball Set-12201- (New) - Has anyone had any experience with these? I’m not even sure of what they are, but I have 3 young grandsons that are involved in a myriad of sports. Is it meant to be played with in the water (lake, pool, etc.) How difficult is it to inflate and does it stay inflated? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,