Dealy Lane Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Dealy Lane Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
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2014 Dealy Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

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I got a golden ticket! My first one!! Can you see the excitement??? And there was puzzlement,too, when the wine appeared-- the golden ticket was folded in the bottom, hidden under the packaging and I, being someone who believes an email that says, “your wine is on the way” is just clickbait from some ad, deleted the email without reading it. I figured it all out and here we are.

This is my first wine review here, you’re likely to get bored with my rambling but this is how I review wines in my wine journal (when I do review them and don’t just pop and pour). If it’s incoherent, forgive me. This isn’t my day job, which if you knew I cataloged books for a living this disclaimer might frighten you away from forging ahead, so I’ll leave it and move along to the review.

2014 Dealy Lane Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley
Michael Mondavi
14% alcohol

In the glass: pale golden straw-- no hint of green undertone, like I would have expected. Nice legs, showing off the alcohol.

On the nose: Absolutely none of the scent markers I love in a Sauv Blanc. No lime, guava, pineapple and no cat pee. Lots of citrusy fruit in the nose though-- but it’s lemony, with hints of mango? Tropical fruit?

It’s a bit too cold on first taste:, I tasted and then let it warm. Here’s the walk through:

@ 47 degrees
Medium body. Presents on the back of the palate. Maybe because of the 14%? Lemon first, with a middle bitterness of grapefruit and wait a minute…is that pineapple? Yes, a bit of honeyed pineapple finish. Not getting any mineral, herbal bite at all. Best to let it warm a bit and try again. Medium acid?

@57 degrees
Presents still on the back of the palate. Still with a citrus front, more acid brightening it up a lot, very crispy and fresh, slightly bitter now than when it was colder, so closer to a grapefruit than lemon. The pineapple finish is very much there now. Much better than before.

@65 degrees
It feels like this falls apart a bit? It’s a bit too tart and then that pineapple comes forward, more like pineapple in a tin can, with a taste of honey at the end. The alcohol comes forward for a warm finish but it’s much less appealing at this temp to me.

I served this with herb-butter basted roast chicken and zucchini Parmesan fritters. It pared well with the chicken, and I definitely preferred this wine with food. I think it would have been great with something spicier. So adding a dash of pepper jelly to the zucchini fritters proved this to be correct.

Tasted again the next day: I like it better than I did initially, the pineapple has moved forward and eased the citrus peel tartness. It’s clearly losing some of it’s brightness. And it’s losing it’s finish, too. But being held 24 hours didn’t seem to hurt it terribly. In fact, it’s pairing well with the evening snack of pepperoni and Comte cheese.

Overall, this is not my preferred style Sauvignon Blanc. I prefer a New Zealand style with heavy herbal notes, slightly grassy and lots of mineral, grapefruit, guava goodness with a long finish. Sauvignon Blanc is the only thing in my life that I want to reek of cat pee. This Dealy Lane is not that. It’s light, crisp, it’s fruitier, it’s definitely leaning towards lemon and pineapple (tropical fruit?) all the way, with a decent finish. It’s not overtly dry to me, with that honeyed finish. Let me clarify that: not cloying sweet-- more the taste of honey than the sweetness, along with the fruit that makes me feel like it’s not that dry. Nice body, medium acid, medium to long finish. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. It’s nice. But I’ve have much better Sauvignon Blanc. I won’t be ordering, but if someone served this at a party, I wouldn’t hate them for it. If it comes in around $10 a bottle, it might be worth it if you like crisp, clean fruity whites.

well executed! appreciate the input.

Agreed,well done sir!

Thanks! I was thrilled to share. Probably overshared but I was excited!!