Dear Photoshoppers, Brave Woman fixed up.


As far as I know this is the best available picture of BW:

In an effort to include her in more posts (it may hurt my chances of winning, but hey, without the brave woman where would we be now?) I fixed her up a bit:

please feel free to use, critique, or improve the touched up version.


Dammm . . . now I need my retinas scraped and my visual cortex cauterized . . .


Nice job on the do. I must admit I’m a bit alarmed by the way she’s pointing to the bulge in her crotch.

“Yo, I got cha Brave Woman right heah!”


I guess this explains all the problems with the woot website today. :^)

Something not quite right about the glasses, I think.


she’s not so much pointing as she is scratching. considering how much she gets passed around on this site i think she got some STD’s (i hear she got some from hasselhoff)


are the glasses better now? i fixed the glasses, touched up the face a bit more, and bought her a much-needed new pair of shoes.

click to enlarge: fixed up 2 small.jpg
rollover image


She looks like she got caught in a lemming fire . . .


is that a good thing?


To the lemming!!!

The glasses look much improved . . .


found this:


Too funny!


I sure hope he sees this.