DearNorth, Smoked Salmon (4)

DearNorth, Smoked Salmon 4-Pack
$39.99 $81.97 51% off List Price
3 - Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon Savory Fireweed - 6.5 oz.
1 - Alaska Salmon Bites Salted Rhubarb and Raspberry - 2.0 oz.

So yeah…is this hot smoked, cold smoked, brined, or some combination of the above?

Hot smoked, as per the DearNorth website:

"Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item. "

So you won’t ship this Alaskan product to Alaska?

Is palpable irony high in Omega 3’s?

What the heck WD? I at least should get some for free before I call my lawyers…

Also just to clarify…

From the FAQ: Do you use preservatives to make your salmon shelf-stable?
Nope. The non-perishable quality of our cans, jars, and retorts comes from the packaging process rather than from added chemicals. We pressure cook the salmon in jars, so all you’re getting is the fish’s own natural oils.

So it is smoked…but then pressure cooked.


Price has been lowered to $39.99; if you already ordered, you should see that $10 difference back on your card, soon.

So, how is this an $81.97 value? 3 @ 19.99 = $59.91 and 1 @ 11.99 = 71.90. Am I missing something?I think somebody owes us $10.07!!

Oops! Never mind. I hovered, I read the fine print and now I understand the math. (Well, not really, but, I do understand why the price might be different.)

This product is so good. We loved it. and the price? Stock up on the sockeye!

Have anyone tried these yet ?
Love salmon , tempting .

Saw they have these for $89 / case of 6 (with $10 off) on mothership.
So here we buy a half case and got the salmon bites bag free .

we tried it. fantastic (but I got a dog in this fight).

our family makes the best salmon dip every year for thanksgiving appetizers. it’s going to be awesome with this quality salmon in it.

Please share the dip recipe and tempt me further!!

Trying to figure out how long these will last after the jar is opened. I see this on the website but assume this means shelf life before initially opened.

“What is the shelf life of your salmon products?
The shelf life for our jarred smoked salmon is 2 years. The shelf life of our salmon bites is 12 months.”

I’m trying to find out about the flavor. Is fireweed spicy? If so, is it spicy like a chili or more like horseradish?

In my case shelf life will be until I stop eating them, when the jar is empty. Should take less than a day. Delicious!

If you received this as a Holiday gift, would you be impressed?

Or is it more of a thank you gift when attending dinner or a party at someone’s home?

would you mind sharing the recipe? salmon dip might be a nice christmas day snack table treat.