DearNorth Smoked Salmon (4)

DearNorth, Smoked Salmon 4-Pack: Jerky Bites & Sockeye Salmon
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(1) - DearNorth Alaska Salmon Bites - Wild Alaska Spruce, 2 oz. Pouch
(3) - DearNorth Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon - Savory Fireweed, 6.5 oz. Jars

The L is silent.

FYI these are Hot Smoked rather than cold smoked.


So, whats the shelf life (or used by) date of these fine jars of tasty fish?

From the DearNorth the website:
“The shelf life for our jarred smoked salmon is 2 years. The shelf life of our salmon bites is 12 months.”

cool article in Fast Company magazine on Dear North:

These are very very good! As is WD’s dip recipe!

What is a WD’s dip recipe??

He teases the recipe here, scroll down from that post for the recipe itself. (Or maybe you already found it yourself by searching for “WD dip” in the search box on this page?)

I was charged for this item two weeks ago and I have yet to receive it.

I’ll ask WD when these will ship.