Death By A Thousand Cutleries

Remember, handwash the bamboo. You’ll thank yourself later.

Let’s hear those cutting comparisons between knife sets below.

So it seems that my dream of grabbing a few Kai Tan Ren’s for my foodie friends isn’t going to come true. Looks as though those deals are long gone, eh?

I’d get these, which are actually better - but $$$.

Nice, The JosephJoseph cutting boards have everything I could ever want. A neat stand, A cutting board for meat, fish, vegetables, and… soup? Or is that a Jellyfish? I have always wanted a cutting board specifically for Jellyfish.

I looked around for the set of six signum wmf steak knives, definitely a good deal here, as compared elsewhere, but no reviews that I could find. I like how they look, but what is the quality? Thanks

I believe that would be an onion.

So woot, you can offer me hundred dollar knifes, but you can’t give me a good deal on a decent butchers block style cutting board? I don’t want these cheap bamboo boards.

Is there any danger of the copper leeching out if you use the anniversary 8in chef’s knife with acidic foods like lemons? I know that can be an issue if you use a copper bowl meant for egg whites with cut fruit sometimes.


First Sucker:

Last Wooter to Woot:

Just one sucker bought this knife…

I bought the Joseph Joseph cutting board set about a month ago, and it’s working great in my kitchen. The holder looks good and is a great way of keeping all of the boards together and easily accessible. The cutting boards are a practical size for most things and seem to be standing up well to knives and the dishwasher. My daughter likes them so much that she asked me to get her a set – so I’m in for another!

According to our vendor, this is not possible with this knife.

Damn, I missed the 10" Elite chef’s knife again. Please warn me next time! I have a job and can’t keep checking Woot all day.

Color-Coded Index Chopping Boards Hey, found what appears to be the same thing for $19.99 on Ben’s outlet (

How do i miss the ken onion santoku knife every time? Have the chef’s knife and it is my go to knife…passing over a full set of Globals. Darn!

Tell me about it!

That would be great. I’d love to see a nice end-grain board.

I have this large bamboo board, and it is nice and well-made, but it doesn’t feel all that great under the knife.

The 8" chef’s knife is $299 on Amazon.

That Limited Edition 8" chef is pretty!
Like you said though its $299.95 everywhere (Amazon, Zappos, 6pm, KnifeCenter, Cutlery and More, Cooks Warehouse, etc.), and with free shipping. So this really isn’t a deal at all.
If only the Elite 8" chef knife (or something similar) would come back up

So some dude in Colorado bought all 5 of the 10" elite. I bet you he’s just reselling them. Thanks a lot guy, I could have actually used that for work.

Looks like there was only one for sale. First and last wooter the same, and “100% bought 1”. Be surprised if it even offered the choice to buy more than one on a high-demand great deal like that knife.