Death By Kitty

How much do cats actually kill?, courtesy of The Oatmeal.

I sure can relate to this cat shirt.

This happens more often than most people realize.


No one really needs to supply a cheat sheet to his/her furry friends and yet many will find it as irresistible as a said furry friend offering its stomach to pet.




That is to funny!

It’s missing death from the cuteness of the shirt!

isn’t that what the lower left is supposed to be?

oh wait, never mind, got it!

Ooh, a veritable dream come true! Must broaden our sphere of influence for the upcoming takeov … uhoh, human in proximity … erm … i can has snuggles? prrr?

Can we get a shirt… DEATH OR KITTY/CAT shirts?.. I’ll be in for one.

What is the last panel (bottom right) supposed to indicate? I must not be as cat savvy as I thought I was…

I made this design, and the last panel was inspired by my experience with my kitty always sitting on my lap, and me not being able to move and reach anything. Not even my water/food/work whatever! :smiley: And throwing the kitty off the lap is not possible because they are toooo cuuuteeeee!

The story of my life, lol

My cat did a daily computation, comparing the value of the joy of stalking and killing me (either “accidentally” or deliberately) to my other possible positives (sometime torment victim, source of food, water, affection, entertainment, etc). Fortunately I always lived to see the next evaluation, tho sometimes it was a near thing.

Yeah. This shirt is so accurate it’s scary.