Death Cares About Life

It’s depressing to think that even death has a better green thumb than I do.

Great design, it’s nice to see death giving back. All part of the great circle of life!

I would have bought this, but no AA option this week. Oh well, I guess I saved money.

If I had a favorite Mr. G. Reaper shirt category, this might top it. Nice details, like the hood of the cowl being neatly tied, the asymmetry of the face and how glowy the little plant is. I bet there’s classical music playing somewhere. Or jazz. Death goes to the Science Fair.

Dang. I’m a fate worse than death for plants. sigh At least I have straighter teeth. pppth!

I LOVE this shirt! This shirt kinda reminds me of the time a few years back when my wife bought a hanging plant that we hung up in our backyard and EVERYnight at 3am in the morn I had nothing BETTER to do (cause I suffer from insomnia and CAN’T freakin’ sleep) so I used to water that plant and I kuda sworn I saw a bird flying outta there but thought I was prob hallucinating this late at night/early in the morn. ANYways long story short, I FINALLY got a ladder and l@@ked inside the Plant and lo-and-behold there were 4 baby eggs sitting inside the Plant. GLAD I wasn’t imagining things and going senile and losing my mind which was my initial thought, everytime I saw that mother bird flying outta there, lol. :smiley:

I love the way the skull was done, like death’s given up…might as well water this sigh

I guess the old adage is true. You really do reap what you sow.

I would love to see what this skull would look like with flesh and skin. Weirdest looking kid ever.

HAHA!!! I was thinking the same thing!

The only reason the plants we have are alive is because I don’t touch them - LOL.

I should outsource myself as weed control, all I have to do is walk by a plant and it withers.

This was my fave. Congrats!

I’m listening to the perfect song right now, Elton John’s Circle of Life.

Perfect gift for my teen daughter . I am sure she will wear it. She will start her freshmen year at Southern Poly University and wants to be noticed, like most teens. A Woot shirt should fit in nicely there.

I’m an older guy who would look ridiculous in most of the designs on shirtwoot (as in, trying to look much younger and hipper than I am) but I enjoy looking at the designs and reading the clever writeups. I just loved the line “I love their little screams.”

LOVE the Shirt. Where is the American Apparel option lately? Can they just make it the only option? Who do I have to harass?

Love the creepy mask- makes me think of zelda, which then somehow makes it creepier. I guess that’s how all the plants come back after link mows the lawn for cash…

me, and you’re doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m afraid the AA promo is over for now.

This is what I always wish Ramy’s shirts would have been like. It’s like one of his shirts, but with a little better execution/effort and a slightly-improved concept, just enough to move it over the hump from “not bad” to “pretty darn good”. I just might buy this shirt.