Death Drinks A Mai Tai


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after January 29th


wow, this shirt is killer! I really like the old school chopper style artwork on it!


Very cool! Anyone have any thoughts on how the blacks will show up on the asphalt before I spring for one?


rofl demonic and it still sucks. go woot


Wow! Great illustration. I bet this one will do well. Not for me, but well executed.


ha ha ha is someone actually going to buy this shirt??!




Cool, more hot rod shirts.


This is not bad… Just not my style.


great design, but… i already have a couple asphalt shirts. no thanks, woot.


NICE!!! Just got one.

More like this one, woot. This’ll go good with my Crows shirt.


Its just an odd design. Not my style but im sure it will still sell well. Pass.


you know the creepiest thing about this one are the two heads hanging off his pole.

That HAVE to quit with these girlie shirts. hee hee


thats a good question. its hard to tell how the actual shirt will look compared to the digital shirt version here :confused:

i have a feeling it’ll look pretty good though :smiley:


Nice design, just not really for me…


Getting morbid around here lately.


In for one .


Finally! Something not crappy! Possibly in for one :slight_smile:


This is pretty much awesome. Had I not been in for one yesterday, it’d be hard to pass this up. Guess I’ll cross my fingers in a random shirt or two from now.